Worrying is space in my head I don’t need.

Worrying is space in my head I don’t need.

I have been taught how to write goals. I am grateful for this because not only did I learn how to use the SMART-style of goal creating, I also have coached others. It is a complete joy when you ask someone what they want in life and they have no answer and by the time you finish, they have a plan.

We dig deep and find there is something hiding behind our fears. 

We map out what we want life to look like in 10 years. Then break it down into categories that are important in life such as health, career, personal. We do this for 10, 5 and 1 year. So you can see how the small steps you take can have the impact you want. Now if you decide to do this, know that it does not have to be 10 years. You can increase or decrease as much as you like; I knew someone that did 6 months, 8 months and 1-year goals. Which I really loved. Then, of course, you need an execution plan, but that is for another time.

The reason I am writing is that my intelligent husband reminded me to stop always planning for the future and just do what I can today. I am paraphrasing and he did add that we do need to plan for the future but creating an action is more valuable then pondering it. The point was made. His latest action is taking on something he has been afraid to do; sharing himself publically. He is challenging himself to write a daily blog. The idea seeped into my dreams. I felt my depression and even discussed it with old co-workers. In the dream, we worked out my thoughts. I came to the conclusion that I have to accept what is now and work with that. I can’t worry about the future all the time. Will I become (whatever)? Will I be able to own (whatever)? What will (something) look like in (x) amount of time?

Too many questions. These questions in my mind create space that doesn’t help me with my here and now. So I guess that is what my challenge is: When I worry about the future, what can I do or think that will bring me to the present? Is there something I am not facing that is causing the worry? What is a small step I can take regularly, starting today, that can help me?

Do you ever worry so much about the future you forget the present? Let us know.



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