About Us

CreateBeing is a company that focuses on mental health awareness through creative expression. We hosts workshops, speak at events and support our community by sharing knowledge and resources.

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Team CreateBeing

Co-creators, David and Amanda are not mental health professionals but are people who have lived experience. They started CreateBeing to connect people, not feel alone and be creatively expressed.

David Lederle (He/Him) works with his life and business partner at CreateBeing, a company focused on spreading mental health awareness through creative expression. He has a background in Mathematics, Teaching and I.T. In his free time, David loves playing puzzles (Kakuro is his favourite) and listening to music.

Amanda Lederle (They/Them) is the co-Creator of CreateBeing, a company that focuses on mental health awareness through mindfulness and creative expression. They host workshops and share resources to the mental health community. Amanda has a background in film studies, leadership and management. When Amanda isn’t creating content and facilitating, they are an Accountability Coach to support people to achieve their projects. Amanda enjoys illustrating, painting and mixed media art on the topics of self discovery and personal identity. In their spare time, Amanda enjoys watching shows and movies, listening to podcasts and playing with their beloved chinchilla, Chewbacca.