Asian Mental Health

Asian Mental Health

Asian Mental Health: Accounts to follow (Ongoing List of)

Finding someone to talk to, that understands what it may have been like growing up in an Asian family or finding someone that looks like you can be challenging. As an Asian Canadian, I often  hear it is rare to find an Asian in Mental Health. Well look no further, with the help of those listed, I was able to find therapists, communities and advocates from around the world. Of course, this is not a full list of everyone, but certainly a good place to start.

Each account listed has granted me permission to be listed. I am still waiting for answers from others. I will update the list as I get their permission and post on my Instagram stories so you know when there are new folks added. Don’t be afraid to reach out to them and say hello. We are in this together.

I also want to note that the word Asian encompasses a lot of different cultures and places. This is only a small list, one you can start with. I highly recommend visiting these accounts, say hello and if you see others that would make sense on this resource list please contact me.

In no particular order, I am proud to share these incredible accounts.


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