Pressing Restart Again

Pressing Restart Again

PressIng Reset Again

If you followed me from the instagram post I would like to say thank you. I appreciate it. Thanks for reading this.

If you did not come from the instagram post then please let find it here for context.. Side Note: Thanks for reading this. I appreciate you and want to know how you found me.

So using article for answers I found the below:

To survive a fall into dry quicksand, you need outside help as quickly as possible, but what if you find yourself in some wet quicksand, not drowning, but stuck? You need to wiggle your leg a little in order to introduce water to the sand around your feet to liquefy the sand again. The idea is to stay calm (which might be easier said than done), lean back and spread out to spread your weight more evenly and wait until you float back up to the surface. And don’t forget your hat.

I highly recommend reading the full piece. It is well written and thorough. I saw another source but it was too cheesy.

Anyways…the below is my interpretation.

I need to consider two things when I feel stuck ‘in the mud’ of life. Number One is that I need a community. I need to get outside help. Even if it means I am just stepping out for groceries or to catch up with a friend I consider this connecting with my community.  I know in the above that in real life is to grab whatever branch or rope available to you. In my mind I am interpreting it this way. Second is “stay calm, lean back and spread out to spread your weight more evenly and wait until you float back up to the surface.” This makes me think of the last yoga pose before finishing all sessions: Savasana.

I am not sure why Yoga Journal decided to let you know that it is challenging.  Let’s forget that for a sec.

Total Relaxation is it’s definition.


How we get there doesn’t have to be difficult. Just keep that in mind.

Seen with my two Vikasa mates in 2012 at a night club in Chaweng. We met just 6 hours earlier.


I have also been reviewing my Yoga Teacher Training Manuals again. I just wanted a refresh. 

I am grateful that Vikasa gave me access to their updated versions of their manuals. I was part of their first year class so things were new. When things are new they can be a trial run and that is wonderful if  you are looking for something evolutionary like I was. The other side of things is if you are looking for the final answer. Expectations are not met. I chose Vikasa because I wanted the basis to transform and use that to create something that is my own. That is how I feel about CreateBeing.



I feel frustrated and ‘in the mud’ because I have so much to give and don’t know how to channel it. I am also coming to you and sharing this because it has taken me a while to even hear this. I am sharing this as I am realizing and uncovering how I feel. I can feel my throat burning from holding back my tears. My voice is unable to sound it burns so much. As I calm it down by taking deep breaths I can feel it opening up. If this is what savasana ultimately feels like (this cool release) then I understand that I need to let go and keep listening.

Being silent hard though! I just need to get my whine out.  I’ve tried being silent before and it’s hard. But I am not going to let it stop me. I am going to try it again knowing what I know from the first try. I guess this is a stay tuned moment.

Creating my being is not a final process. I will never stop getting to know myself until the day I die.

Peace and love


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