In Crisis

In Crisis

In Crisis

I know this is a international platform and there are many local contacts to reach out to. Please find your local supporters


Are You in Crisis?


If you are experiencing a mental health or addictions related crisis:

Feeling Suicidal or Think Someone Else Is?

If you are thinking of suicide or think someone else may be, there is help.  Call your local crisis line or mobile crisis team or the police, or go to the emergency room of your local hospital.

Suicide Prevention

The Centre for Suicide Prevention is an education centre which equips individuals and organizations with the information, knowledge and skills necessary to respond to the risk of suicide.

Ontario Association of Suicide Prevention provides resources, education, facts and figures and news and upcoming events.

The Canadian Association for Suicide Prevention provides information on where to find support; including a guide for early responders and a prevention toolkit for schools.  Their site also provides a listing of crisis centres.

Mental Health in Canada

Going across the country, check out this link to see all the resources.


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