Perspectives: Made of Depression

Perspectives: Made of Depression


Made of Depression

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Depression, What you make of it.
Depression, Whats your take on it.

Ever felt low?
Angry to let go?
Detached like velcro?
Echo, echo, echo, That smile in
Retro, retro, re, retrospect,
Jumping jacks for just half a sec,
Smashed my quest, to find happiness,
In full effect to just walk these steps,
As weeks progressed the other half I slept.

Scared to be, crippling alone.
Sittin’ in, agony, whistling at home.
Thinking bout the lows,
Thinking bout the regrets I loath,
Friends I drove away,
Grab a comb, toothbrush,
Grab a change of clothes,
Grab a bus today.

Know you’re worth, don’t break apart.
Move forth, your heart is bliss.
Don’t wish to be who you aren’t.
and dismiss who you are!

Oh hell, i’d yell at my brain cells,
Naw at my nails when I ain’t well,
I dwell till my face pale,
Till my eyes swell,
For the things I felt,
Only time will tell,
Be the best myself I know, I know, I know! Cause

Depression, what you make of it?
Depression, what’s your take on it?

Something Cool to Share about B²:

B² (Bryan Brav0) is a part of the Mindful MCs, a Toronto hip hop group that have lived experience with mental illness.

From their website:

The Mindful MC’s are an empowering hip hop group that all have lived experience with mental illness. By sharing our stories through public speaking and music, we hope to educate the public about stigma, and mental health. Our approach is unique, real, entertaining, and powerful, and our aim is to increase mental health awareness, and to reduce stigma around mental illness and addiction. We also hope to inspire others to make progress on their mental health recovery journeys, and to follow their dreams.

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Perspectives is a CreateBeing project that features people sharing their lived experience with mental illness, and Addictions. To read more search PERSPECTIVES and to submit your story go to PERSPECTIVES

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