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Introduction & Guidelines

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We want to hear your perspectives!

We want everyone to feel like they are not alone. We welcome diverse stories, abilities, mental illness and addiction experiences. We want to share stories as a way to connect.

We want to create a community where we can share our stories, be seen and relate to each other. Often we hear we are ‘not alone’ and this has inspired CreateBeing to find who is really out there. We want to see you and be seen by you.

This is an open call for submissions. We accept personal stories in all formats including essay, journal, letter, poetry, etc. We will not critique, give feedback, advice, correct spelling or grammar. We want to share your story authentically.

We are learning as we go, let us know if you have any questions or suggestions. We would like for this to be a series that is in collaboration with you.

Share this call for submissions with your community, take the time to consider what you want to share about where you are, how you got here and your experience.  Sharing your story may help someone else understand themselves, feel less alone and learn new resources.


There are no plans for a deadline, it will be an open and ongoing project.

Everyone is welcome to submit. Use your own experience.

Your submission should have a word count max. of 700 words. Please include necessary trigger warnings & credit outside sources of information. Sharing self care practices and resources are encouraged.

We will post it on our social networks and website. We expect our community to be supportive to all stories. We are not responsible for what people may say or how they respond. Please keep in mind any trigger warnings for readers to consider.

Anonymity is defined as not sharing your name, social media name or images in the social media post and blog post on our website. We want you to feel comfortable sharing.

Please see our Perspectives FAQ for more information.