Considering Therapy

Considering Therapy

What should I consider when choosing a therapist?

If you decide that therapy is the healing path you want to take, it can be really overwhelming to decide who to choose to support you. Fellow community members have asked us what their next steps should be to choosing a therapist. There is certainly no one way of doing this and because it is so personal, it is different for everyone.  We decided to put a few ideas to get so here are a few tips when considering who you want to add to your support system.

Therapy isn’t for everyone. 

It’s one way of healing and you are on a journey of self discovery and wellness.

Finding the “right therapist” is like dating or meeting new friends.

Sometimes you gotta meet a few people to find one you feel comfortable with. 

Consider who you want.

Do you want someone who gives tough love, a gentle approach, someone who is aware of social justice and anti-oppressive work? A radicalized person? A person with lived experience? etc.

Take your time

Know that if you need support there are crisis lines and warm lines available to you.

Consider your budget. 

A barrier of therapy can be its affordability.

Ask your trusted loved ones 

Everyone’s experience is different, including the how the therapy was provided, who the therapist was, etc. Take what you need and leave what doesn’t fit you. It is a very personal and individual journey that may/may not suit your needs.

If you have benefits at a workplace

See if they have resources to share, they may have connections to therapists in their packages.

As you go through your journey of self-discovery and support, know that there is no one way to go about it. Do what you think is best for you with the info you have and ask around in your community. You don’t have to do it alone.

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