How to choose your Yoga Teacher Training

How to choose your Yoga Teacher Training
Just like the process for school or before any big purchase, you do your research. You may just choose a studio you frequent or discover what is on the internet. I am going to share with you how I made my decision.
  1. Accreditation
Depending on your intention, to teach or to learn, you can decide if you want to complete your training with an accreditation from Yoga Alliance.  Personally, I chose to get my certification from an accredited studio even though I did not plan to teach, I wanted to give myself the chance if needed.  You can usually find if a studio is accredited on the their website or on the Yoga Alliance website. 2. Choosing the length (and style) You have options. You can take a program that lasts for a year, one month or a week. It all depends on a few things: Do you want to be doing this while you are working, and only on weekends or evenings? Or on consecutive days? Level 1 is a minimal 200 hour program for any type of style. 3. Geography Where in the world do you want to go? I decided to go to out of country. I wanted a different experience. I looked all over the world. I ended my search when I found Vikasa in Koh Samui, Thailand. The benefit of staying in your home city is that you are in your community and can foster networks. You also get to work and integrate your practice with your current lifestyle. The benefit of going out of city is that you get to experience a new place and focus solely on your practice. All in all, consider what is best for you. 4. Learning Learning style and comfort in the studio (how it looks, the program, how willing and open they are to responding etc.) are important. When I was tossing between two or three studios, it came down to how comfortable I was, just that simple. Consider adding yourself to their newsletter to see the type of marketing, classes/workshops and the tone of voice of the studio. This is important because though yoga pretty much is the ‘same’ (a downward dog, is a downward dog). How a studio or teacher runs their business will be how they successfully demonstrate their best practices. 5. Finances Though money should not stop you for this experience, it is important to consider. Typically, your course is going to be $3000-$4000 CDN. That does not include travel expenses and that sort of thing. I do not encourage you to spend money you don’t have or take out loans you cannot pay. If you are not working at the time of the program, have a strategy to pay your self, your course and after your course. Your decision to consider a Yoga Teacher Training is development. If you have any knowledge of yoga, you know that it is not just about asanas (postures). It is a personal development course that can create the opportunity to lead into a profession. There may be resistance or a release (like balling your eyes out at the end of the first practice), however you decide, trust the process, let go of what you think you know and find your edge. It will be a wonderful experience.
Original photo by Wanaporn Yangsiri on Unsplash

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