TV Shows To Watch

TV Shows To Watch

TV Shows on TV to Stream (available for 1 week)

Before social distancing, we’ve been watching these weekly shows and thought this would be a great time to share with you what we’ve been watching. This is a great way to get a break from Netflix. If you have a VPN you can disable commercials, otherwise, use the commercials as a way to take a break or see what is out there!

Here is our list of shows we watch through cable streaming. These shows are on TV right now so if you want to watch the shows online, you have to view them within the week they air. They are typically available the day after the show airs, the title in bold indicates when we think it is typically available for your viewing pleasure.

We watch these shows on CityTV, Global and CTV. Click on the pictures for links.

Available on Mondays/Thursday/Friday

Trapped inside with a bunch of your roommates? That sounds somewhat familiar…but doing it like its Survivor (competition game show with drama and laughs) in a nice big house – may be a fun, somewhat relatable show.

Relatable, because these are also people stuck inside. It’s nice to see other people inside and bored.

This reality game show (Canadian version) of 16 houseguests in a weekly competition of social and physical game play to eliminate each other to find one winner. There are three episodes per week.

Available on Tuesdays

A sitcom about friendly white folks becoming neighbours with black folks. Stars Cedric The Enterntainer, Max Greenfield, Tichina Arnold and Beth Behrs.

It’s like watching one of those buddy cop movies where there is a black cop and white cop partnered up but being neighbours is their link.

This is a light hearted sit come from Chuck Lorre (creator of Mom, Big Bang Theory, Mike and Molly) about a love story between a middle-aged compression sock businessman from Detroit who unexpectedly falls for his cardiac nurse, a Nigerian immigrant.

Available on Wednesdays

A spin-off of Black-ish, told from the perspective of Bow as a teenager living with her White dad and Black mom. This show is a comedy about identity, culture, class, race in the 80s. Their title song is sung by Mariah Carey.

Available on Thursdays

If you are looking to see some real island group quarantine, social and physical play with some beautiful images of island life, here is a fun and dramatic show to watch. 

A competition reality show of 20 people stranded on an island trying to outwit, outlast and outplay each other. 1 winner to be the Survivor. In this season, all 20 contestants are previous winners!


Available on Thursdays

Looking to relate to addicts in a humourous way? Anna Faris stars in this sitcom with Allison Janney about women who are in the AA 12 step program trying to live life after sobriety. Highly recommend this.

Noice.  Cool, Cool, Cool, Cool. Nine, Nine!

Andy Samberg stars in this police sitcom.

If you like any shows like The Office, Parks and Rec, The Good Place, or Superstore I think you will like this.

Retail just got more entertaining. Working in a Walmart-type store, this show is a sitcom about the happenings at a retail store, the relationships and weird customers that come in. Highly recommend, especially if you like the listed shows mentioned above.

Life after his wife died, Wade raises his two teenage daughters while navigating the dating scene. Good thing he has his pals to help him!

FINALLY a show with Fran and Adam!

Fran Drescher, Adam Pally, Abby Elliot and Steven Weber star in this sitcom about two parents (who are not so good with money) move into with their son and daughter-in-law. This is a lovely show about family and their dynmaics.

A classic tv show revised and fit for its current era.

Love seeing Patricia Heaton back on TV! A middle aged woman interns at a hospital with younger doctors. She uses her experience, wit, positivity and zest for life to become an awesome intern. Love seeing a strong older woman in a medical role and funny!

Let us know what you think of these shows!

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