Top 5 Podcast Recommendations

Top 5 Podcast Recommendations

5 Podcast Recommendations

There is a whole list of awesome podcasts but when it comes to choosing good-ol-faithful, guarenteed to be good, these are the five to lean on.

If you are looking to listen to something that will make you laugh, think and pep you up, here is the list to begin.


JGL, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, actor, creator and founder of Hit Record discusses the creative process with guests.

Dr. Andy J Pizza (not a real doctor) enthusiastic shares the high and lows of being a creative person. Great ideas and definitely gives you a pep in your creative step.

This creative introvert, Kat, gives us practical creative ideas to focus on marketing your work. This is great for an introvert who doesn’t necessarily love marketing but has to do it.

Thoughtful and Funny

Anna Faris. Hilarious, sweet and kind is unafraid to show her wacky colours. She interviews her guests, play fun improv games and calls up listeners to help solve their problems.

Dax and Monica (producer and friend) chat with celebrities and intellects about life, sex, culture and being an addict. This podcast always brings the laughs and is insightful.

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