Art Inspo: Space Party

Art Inspo: Space Party

Art Inspo: Space Party

The story behind the art.

An abstract expression of the joy, creativity and excitement when one finds hope.


That is the basic premise of my art piece, Space Party. I called it Space Party because I felt like the circles represented planets and the strokes reminded me of shooting stars. A playful and colourful piece personified my first expression of CreateBeing.

I’ve always loved paint splatter and I am inspired by pop and abstract art. This certainly brought it to attention. I wanted to express the many emotions and the various colourful personalities we have in our community and splattered it across the graphic.

The mental health community is filled with people of diverse backgrounds and experiences. I choose to represent the shapes, sizes and colours that bring us together in this varied community.


These products are available on our shop.

The print can also be available on other products. If you don’t see it in store, make a request. We can make things happen!

Let us know what you think, we’d love to hear from you.

Someone shared that Space Party has become a signature look for CreateBeing. Thank you for saying that.

You can certainly get your print  on our shop  and we are proud to have it featured this year as one of two of our Stella’s Place’s gratitude cards!

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