How to work from home

How to work from home
How to work from home

So, you’re home because of social distancing. But now, when work needs to be done you start seeing all the things you want to do at home like the pile of laundry that needs to be done. You think, I can do that while I check my emails. Then you see the dishes in the sink and start washing those. By the time you finish you realize it’s lunch time and your productive day is over. You might as well turn on Netflix and start again tomorrow, right?

As someone who has experience with staying home due to depression and working from home since 2017, we share a few of my best practices to support you during this challenging time. 

It is important to recognize that everyone is different and our experience and home layout will differ from yours. Take what you need to best support your days. We would love to hear from you if you have additions or questions, please reach out to us.

As always, find the inner power to take control of what do have control over including self kindness, behaviour, the routine you implement.

Tip #1
Create a Routine/Have a schedule
Tip #2
Find a Workplace
Tip #3
Dress the part
Tip #4
Take a stretch Break/Reset Your Mind
Tip #5
Be kind & limit screen time

Scheduling your day will provide a foundation to create a routine.

Every morning I set my alarm for 730 a.m., I may roll out of bed by 8 a.m. then head to the bathroom, after brushing my teeth and all, I immediately roll out the yoga mat. I have my yoga and meditation practice before I start breakfast.

By doing this every morning, I learned that it sets up my day. Not only did I put in my workout and had a good breakfast to start off right, I create a consistent foundation each day.  When I start my mornings right, everything is in its place.

Next is scheduling, I deliberately plan my day (google calendar and writing it out is best) so I know what to expect and can feel productive. I also schedule breaks (including lunch) those are vital to productivity!

Do you have a place in your home that you can make into an ‘office’? I highly recommend somewhere that has natural light, ideally ergonomic seating and is not where you want to be calm and relaxed, like your bedroom. Granted, comfortable is great but not so comfortable and relaxed that you want to take a nap and get wrapped up in TV watching. Also, you don’t want to confused your body by associating your bedroom as your workplace. You may find falling asleep at night much harder. Don’t want to confuse the rooms/attitudes towards them.

We recognize that some people may be sharing desks, computers and their spaces if you are living with a partner or roomates. Try to find a schedule that you can all follow and that can work for everyone so that you can get what you need done. This may be an opportunity for communication and intentional working.

Get ready and dress up like you would go to work. Since you are indoors, maybe even sneak in those shoes that pinch, you aren’t moving far! Also now that you are indoors, you can wear whatever seasonal outfit as long as it is ‘work’ appropriate. Dressing the part will give you the structure you had and confidence behind the screen.


This is something we should practice if we are on the computer daily. Likely you would have been getting up to go for lunch or chat with your office neighbours but now that you are solo, reminding yourself to stay hydrated, head to the kitchen for a tea or office yoga (aka chair yoga) are ways to move.

If you are feeling groggy and in a low mood, reset your body and mind by going for a mini stroll in a less traffic area, if you can. Maybe put on some music and do a little dance party. These are ways to reset your mind and body so you can reset, recharge and get yourself back into it.

Lastly, be kind to yourself. With COVID-19, this is a completely new way of being. New ways of organizing yourself, spending time and operating is a new challenge. It’s a change – among all the other things you have to deal with during this social distancing. Here is an opportunity for you to take the time to self-reflect. Recognizing how you feel about the situation, letting yourself feel the feelings may help you understand what is important to you and how you want to go about your day.

We know that you are behind your screens more than before. You could easily walk out of the office for lunch and now its just into another part of the room. Be mindful of your screentime now that we are working on emotionally connecting.

Let us know what you think, are these helpful? Any tips you would share and add so others can learn?


Thanks for reading!

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