Anti-Asian Racism Mental Health Support Resources

Anti-Asian Racism
Mental Health Support Resources

As a response to the shooting in Atlanta, the below are anti-Asian racism and mental health support resources provided in multiple languages.

Asian Canadian Therapist Directory

A resource for finding Asian Canadian therapists.

South Asian Community Health Services

Tel: (647) 718-0786
Offers culturally and linguistically appropriate services for the South Asian community including primary health care, mental health and addiction counselling.

Multicultural Mental Health

An online resource seeks to improve the quality and availability of mental health services for people from diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds, including new Canadians, refugees and members of established ethnocultural communities. Mental health information in more than 25 languages.

Hong Fook Mental Health Association

Provides mental health services to the Asian communities in Greater Toronto Area, including those of the Cambodian, Chinese (Cantonese and Mandarin), Korean and Vietnamese communities, in the areas of clinical service, family support and prevention and promotion.

CAMH: The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health

Offers mental health info sheets in multiple languages, including Chinese, Hindi, Korean, Punjabi, Tagalog, Tamil, Vietnamese.

Chinese Mental Health Promotion Program

The Chinese Mental Health Promotion Program improves the lives of individuals in the Chinese community by increasing awareness of mental health issues, promoting wellness through recreational and leisure activities and reducing the stigma associated with mental illness.

Chimo Services

Offers adult crisis and suicide intervention counselling and parent education series; service offered in Mandarin, Cantonese, Punjabi, Hindi, Urdu, Tagalog, Japanese and Korean

SUCCESS Chinese Helpline (British Columbia)

Provides support to Chinese Canadians who experience difficulties due to language and cultural barriers, and fear of social stigma. while demonstrating cultural sensitivity towards diverse values and beliefs.

Cantonese Helpline 604-270-8233

Mandarin HelpLine 604-270-8222

Touchstone Family Association

Provides parent education and support with a cultural emphasis. There are opportunities to develop social networking, parenting skills, sharing experiences, promoting friendship, community resources, enhancing family life and relationships.

Kelty Mental Health Resources

A provincial resource centre that provides resources in all areas of mental health and addictions, such as how to support children and youth with mental challenges and different types of therapy. Resources available in Punjabi, Chinese and Korean.


Facebook Subtle Asian Mental Health

A private online community providing an open and safe space for individuals of Asian descent to share their thoughts and feelings.

South Asian Mental Health Alliance

The South Asian Mental Health Alliance moderates a mental health forum on, which offers a supportive environment for individuals from the South Asian community to discuss mental health, illness and wellness.

Fighting Racism and Anti-Asian Racism

Bystander Intervention Training To Stop Anti-Asian/American And Xenophobic Harassment

Anti-Asian Violence Resources


Resources for Addressing Anti-Asian Racism in the Time of Coronavirus

Project 1907

Fight Covid Racism

Anti-Asian racism is on the rise across Canada. This platform aims to allow individuals to share their experiences of racism, and will allow us to track and record instances of Anti-Asian racism during COVID-19. You’ll also find resources and support that you can access. We’ll get through this together.

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