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Is there a Deadline for submission?

There are no plans for a deadline, it will be an open and ongoing project.


What to include in my submission?

Your submission should have a word count max. of 700 words. Please include necessary trigger warnings & credit outside sources of information. Sharing self care practices and resources are encouraged. We are here to share experiences not give advice. Advice is “You should only do this…” while suggestions are “here is what worked for me…”


I want to share my story but I am nervous?

Totally understand this feeling. We have been there too, sometimes still are. We want to create a safe place for you to share your experience. You can share anonymously or if you don’t feel like you want to share it online, take the time to journal and reflect on your personal journey. Maybe one day you will feel comfortable to share it. Someone may see themselves and relate to your experience. We will be here to cheer you on!


What will you do with my submission?

We will post the submission on our website as a blog post. An excerpt will be selected to use as a caption and image for our social media networks.


May I remain anonymous?

Absolutely, we respect your anonymity. On the submission form there will be a checkbox to let us know of this request.  We want to create access for you to share your story online and let this community know you are here with your experience.


If I don’t choose to be anonymous, what do you do with my social media handle and photo?

We will tag you when we post your story on our social media and will add your picture and handle with blog post.


Do I have to upload a photo?

No, this is optional.


Will you edit my write up?

No, edits will not be made to your submission.


Where will it be posted?

On our social media networks and website. If you choose to share your name, social handle, photo we will add them to the post.



Got questions? Contact us or email [email protected].