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Free | Lonely together, on a sunny afternoon #TheSilentRoom

June 1, 2019 | 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm EDT


You go to an event
You see people talk
You are not one of them

You grab a beer to look normal
You have a name tag on your t-shirt
You stand there and barely look around

You manage to leave without saying a word the whole night

You think of it as a way to stay connected with the world
Before you are back home, embracing pure loneliness again

Sometimes you wonder
Is it me, or the event?

It’s both and neither



The Silent Room

Where people do anything but talk

People make eye contact
People stare at the wall
People sit on the floor
People get up to do squats
People chat on WeChat
People read e-books
People work on laptops
People throw away their phones
People pick them up again
People smile for the camera
People laugh out loud
People play air guitar
People play music
People paint

People do whatever they do when they are quiet and alone
Here with you

Are you our people?
We’ll know when you show up



We will meet at the host’s place
Learn to be quiet for 1h
And we will talk after
If you’re still here



Once you arrive
Enter the WeChat group specially made for this silent room
By entering a four-digit password which is the date of that day
For example, 1228 for Dec 28, 0111 for Jan 11

Then, an hour of silence begins



1 host
(who invites all to one’s own place)

N guests
(Number depends on the host)

Please choose your role when signing up.
Everyone is a volunteer, here to host, teach or learn.



Every Sunday.
We will meet up after both roles have signed up.
Events will be canceled automatically when no hosts / guests sign up.



If you like what you see this afternoon
Next time, you can

Come back for more silent vibes, in same or different places


Move on from the silent chapter, to the delicious zone
By learning to cook, from the third role –

(Who considers oneself an artist rather than a chef)


Tell us what other roles you want to create
And we will make it happen together


To have a new place you call home wherever you go
Invite yourself to delicious events in the neighborhoods around the globe


To create / organize / attend more events
Add @LiveADeliciousLife, to join Foodie WeChat group
Go to Foodie on Facebook @LiveADeliciousLife.globe


June 1, 2019
3:00 pm - 5:00 pm EDT
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